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I define success as a human being as having a set of well-grounded invariants, always doing your best to strive for them, but continuously challenging them. A successful human being will fight to defend their invariants with all the energy they have until the precise moment they are presented with a better alternative.

This page has some core tenets, followed by a number of invariants that go into more detail in all aspects of life. The 10 core invariants are the most important, while the more specific ones are situational, and better for consulting when the time comes (ie before a date, or after an argument with a loved one).

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Core Invariants

The core values are the main loop of a human being. They embody what a strong and healthy human should always have (consciously or sub-consciously) in the back of their mind. They are to be read every day.

Be Present. Look around. Appreciate what is around you. Notice the architecture. Complement her on her necklace. Stop to watch the cat. Favour observations over perceptions. Escape from reality is a bad thing.

Evolve. Learn from your mistakes. Publicize them. Mistakes can be mitigated, but refusing to learn from them is irreparable. Favour rapid trial and error. Discomfort yields evolution. Avoid people with an aversion to change.

Take Responsibility. Excuses suspend disbelief and leads you into a false sense of security. Spinning up elaborate explanations retroactively in your head is never a good sign.

Practice Humility. You are not the best. At anything. Seek out those who are. Find people that understand and counter your weaknesses. Have them be honest with you in beating them. Seek new perspectives.

Act, Don’t React. No good comes from reaction. Separate yourself from the problem and consider it in isolation. Act when the time is right. Decision making has two disjoint steps; observe, then decide.

Be Antifragile. Great people become stronger in times of distress. Remain level-headed. Be the anchor. Be intolerant to problems, find their root cause, build a plan to address it, and push through.

Be Radically Open Minded. Say yes to new things. Kill your ego. Know what you don’t know. Evidence first.

Look for the good. Assume good intentions. Find the silver lining.

Prioritise. You can have anything you want, but not everything you want.

Make as much change as possible in the areas you can influence. Completely ignore the areas you can’t. Finish everything you start. Put your phone down.


These invariants apply to both platonic and romantic relationships. They provide a framework to lead an honest, social, and respected lifestyle. Successful relationships are built on respect, attraction, or both.

Building Respect

Building Attraction

Building Relationships

Personal Life

These invariants apply to your personal life. They govern how you spend your time, what you prioritise, and how you should act.

Look to the patterns of those things that affect you in order to understand the cause-effect relationships that drive them and to learn principles for dealing with them effectively.

Professional Life

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